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Example Markets: The jump in traffic this website receives around the holidays and into the new year, every year, is automatic. It reminds me of the nature and power of domain names, especially descriptive ones. Billions of shoppers and you only need a relative few to do business with you to make some money. Do better than that, and you can make serious money. Retailers enjoy more sales from Thanksgiving through the new year than any other time. Hello. Become the virtual shopping mall for even 1% of shoppers who procrastinate - huge. How many males do you think qualify to be a member of a website like this? At one time or another, nearly all of us need to make a purchase at the last minute. * Emerging technologies such as solar, wind, hydro, electric vehicles and the like will forever change the way we acquire, use and value energy. If your efficient solar panels produce more energy than your property uses, you can sell the surplus., If you understand the Cape Cod real estate market…,,,, ETC